Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Animal /Wildlife control software

NWCOPRO is a wildlife control software solution.
As far as I know this is the only wildlife damage management software out there of its kind!

It all starts with a phone call.

I created NWCOPRO out of necessity for my own business. I wanted to have full access to all my company information while on the road, and I wanted to use my cellphone and my tablet.

Cellphones already have maps and GPS built in, so I knew mapping would be fairly easy.

I wanted to create a route, and a jobs list so I wouldn't forget about those jobs that get put on hold.

I wanted to create an invoice, and email it to my wildlife control customers, maybe even send a w-9 when asked and again right from any internet connected device.

I also started thinking about how many others might want this too!

I quickly realized that the other offerings out there are very expensive, and I thought about how tough it was for me to get my wildlife control business started. It was tough to get phone calls at first.

That's why you will see the directory on the website as well. I hope that my directory will represent the best wildlife control operators in the country. I know that if they are customers then one thing is for sure, they are abreast of the latest technology and trends.

NWCOPRO users enjoy the benefit of being connected to their office in a way never before thought of in this industry.

National statistics are an exciting new advancement.

Why not sign up and see?


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