Wednesday, June 29, 2016

NWCOPRO wildlife control software

There is only one software out there for wildlife control.

Wildlife control professionals have never had anything tailored to their needs until now.

Everything from the phone call to the invoice,  NWCOPRO helps you document it all. Going beyond that,  when you document the call you can now also take that and directly market your business with the ability to post a link to your website!

This new feature goes beyond anything else that is out there, period. Imagine that not only can you use every phone call to potentially drive traffic to your website but your also drawing on the SEO efforts of other members.

Our directory is set to outrank the competition with fresh content and not the static fodder other directories use to falsely boost rankings and sooner later major search engines will take notice of their black hat techniques.

My early tests already show Google is ranking my live feeds.  You can see this for yourself here

The search shows first of all with an admittedly long tailed search that Google is indexing the live feed,  secondly how long till these mini blogs gain traction?

These live feeds feature the one thing that no other directory has ever done FRESH DATED CONTENT! 

Again,  no other software out there does this and like I said early on "I will change the industry" I think this will set NWCOPRO apart from everyone.

If you signed up for NWCOPRO during the BETA testing phase,  your rate at 26.50 a month will be honored.

NWCOPRO is 75/month for unlimited users and although it is now out of the beta phase you can bet it is still very much evolving.

It's free to try and as time goes on I think you will realize that there's nothing like it!


Charles Parker

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