Friday, June 10, 2016

Live Feed - Animal Control phone calls!

SO this is exciting to say the least...
NWCOPRO is on the verge of becoming not just a nuisance wildlife control software to help you run your business, it is now almost ready to become a marketing giant.
We host a directory of our members, this directory is now ready (about) to host published feeds of phone calls that come in daily along with links to solutions to wildlife control issues as per the species involved.
Most directories are static, they simply list company phone numbers, that might be able to help you. At NWCOPRO our website is dynamic and lists not only those people who can help but also gives the company owner the ability to push live feeds by state of calls and a website related to the call.

Search engines can pick up this fresh content because it is showing the activity of people who do this everyday, so that bat call in the apartment - was just solved - and by a local company, not some static list of people who may or may not be in business anymore.

We're live, real companies working everyday to solve wildlife control problems as evidenced by the fresh feed.

As far as I know there isn't another web enabled software that does this at all. As a member not only can you market your business every day - the rest of us will all be working together to produce more fresh documented calls regarding wildlife control. Most companies have to hire bloggers to produce fresh content and of course they make stuff up, in fact there's a leading wildlife control directory out there that just fills space with gibberish to gain SEO ranking. How long before they get spanked by Google for that? The Internet is full of what I call garbage - made up stuff to help people rank.

We don't do that, our content is not only fresh but actually REAL! Real data happens everyday, and yet nobody uses it, they resort to keyword stuffing, link building, and all sorts of "grey" hat techniques. because we are data- driven based on real wildlife control complaints and solutions we expect to rank very well - at least we should!

We hope to connect people looking for wildlife control/ animal trapping issues by providing fresh, information as it happens in the industry.

If your NOT using NWCOPRO, you may want to reconsider! It's extremely cheap and may offer more in a business solution than anything that has ever been offered before!


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