Friday, April 1, 2016

First steps - Setting up Jobs and Tasks

Most folks, when they first start working with NWCOPRO make the mistake of not using the calendars correctly. The important thing to remember is that there are 2 calendars! One is for the jobs, and the other is for the tasks!

Lets face it NWCO jobs can go on for 7-10 days and sometimes longer depending on what is going on and what you were hired to do in the first place.

AN example would be transient trapping where the goal is to trap for 3 weeks to knock down teh numbers of animals in an immediate area. In the case of transient trapping you will need to check your traps every day (unless your using a trap monitoring system) for 3 weeks.

So the JOB is 3 weeks, but there would be 21 tasks assigned to someone to check those traps everyday, and this is where the task calendar works best.

The Technician agenda, is a list view of the Jobs Tasks - the Task Calendar. So when a technician logs in he can filter his tasks for the day with a single click, and from there see the traps that are there, the previous visits and can create a quick report very fast!
The Technician Agenda also provides a map link and a button to call the customer!

So how do we get this started? Simple from the initial phone call! Enter a new record, and simply create the job as well as a customer with a single click!
Then go into your tasks calendar and setup the trap checks as desired!

As your techs visit the jobsites, setting out equipment, taking photos all of this info stays with each customer and job!

As a business owner you will be able to answer customer questions even if you were not the one who did the work - you can review the reports and be able to assure the customer what was done and when!

If you want a walk through of NWCOPRO do not hesitate to call! I will make it my goal to ensure your up and running with a full understanding of how things should work. We will meet and or exceed your expectations!

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